We are the information providers of the future!

At Floid we believe we can change the information market to make it more inclusive.

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Banks, financial institutions, public institutions, integrated organisations.


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We believe that people and companies are the owners of their information

And we follow the laws of the countries in which we operate. We always act in accordance with data protection and consumer laws, so that you can give your users the peace of mind to share their information with you.

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We are official providers that take care of you and your customers

We never store or share sensitive information with third parties. We use AES-256 encryption, used by governments and banks around the world and are committed to ISO27.001-2.

From Open Banking to Open Data

At Floid, we realized the challenge of becoming an online information provider for all Latin America. We know that banking information is not the only way to generate innovations in your company, that’s why we offer all kinds of connections, sources, and flavours.

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We are constantly looking for talent

We are looking for people who want to transform the financial market into a more inclusive one, allowing millions of individuals and companies, until now excluded from the traditional system, to access its benefits. As we do this, we help companies move towards digitization and digital transformation.