Onboarding & KYC

Identify and get to know your user automatically and without friction.

How it works

Your customers will be able to validate their identity with their personal credentials.

Depending on the country where you are, you can select the method with which you will verify the person or company you want to validate, such as with the national identity number.

Setup your widget

In your dashboard you can set up your widget and review the results in the same place.

Select the type of Widget, the APIs to which you will connect, a Webhook where you will receive the information, and start validating your customers in minutes.


Your customers enter their credentials for personal use, so we can validate their identity and receive their information in a matter of minutes.

Remember, Floid does not store any sensitive data or save passwords. Your users are safe with us.


Once the process is done, in a matter of seconds, the identity validation will be complete and you will have the information shared by your customers.

Solutions that make life easier for you and your customers

Reduce risks

With Floid, account fraud is reduced, using secure data in real time.

Simple integration

Start using Floid right away! Our integrations are just a click away.


Do not waste time! With Floid, the identification processes are automatic.

Onboarding products ready to use


Connection to identity registries

Through local identity registries, obtain information on:
– Gender
– Sex
– Age
– Address


Identity validation via API

Give your client the possibility of being validated through personal credentials registered in their bank or in the national government identity registry (Civil Registry).


Know Your Customer (KYC)

Through our connections you can get to know your client in depth and access:
– Addresses
– Automotive registration
– Demographic information
– Voter registration