Risk evaluation

Make your risk assessment processes convenient, reliable and complete thanks to Floid’s extensive capabilities.

How it works

With Floid, your customers will be able to share their financial information with their personal credentials.

Integrate our widget into your evaluation flow:

Our widget is embedded in your evaluation flow, where your clients can complete the steps to share their financial information with you.

This process is secure, the information travels encrypted, and the credentials are not shared with anyone.

Your customers enter their banking credentials:

Your customers will be able to log in to their bank to share their information with your company. Our connections get:

– Financial products of your clients
– Income calculation
– Bank transactions (last 12 months)

Receive the information in our Dashboard or via API

In our dashboard you will be able to see the reports of your clients, download them as excel to inject them into your risk engine, or connect via API to receive and process the information directly in your system.

Evaluate your clients in minutes!

With the information automatically received, your risk engines can return results in minutes. Our widgets have a conversion rate of more than 85%.

Solutions that make life easier for you and your customers

Increase conversion

With Floid you have successful and assertive evaluation processes.


Simplify the experience for your customers and future consumers.

Safe and reliable process

With Floid you can offer risk assessments with solid and protected data.

Ready-to-use Risk Evaluation Products


Connection with banks, via Open Banking

Obtain updated and real-time data on bank transactions, calculation of income and financial products, coming directly from the credit applicant’s bank.


Connection to tax sources

Open Data allows us to access people’s government-required information. This information contains an individual’s judicial history, debts, income and tax situation, which you can use for a more complete risk verification.


Connection to pension funds

We can provide you with valuable information about the applicant’s employer, company name and taxable income so that you can better assess their risk.